3 Things To Check Before Starting Electric Submeter Installation

When hiring a company to complete your electric submeter installation, don’t just choose a company that is first on a page of search engine results. While this company may end up being the one selected, it may also be a company that is not able to offer the services, workmanship and professionals you need on the job.


To assist in selecting a company for submeter installation, start by looking at the business practices of the company. At ABT Water Management we are transparent in our business, so our customers always know what we are working on with regards to their project and what they can expect throughout the electric submeter installation process.


Installation Professionals


Unlike some companies, we only use our own employees for electric sub meter installation. We don’t hire subcontractors, seasonal or contract workers, which means our team of employees has experience in working together as well as to our standards.


This makes a real difference on the job. Each of our installers knows his or her job and is able to complete installations to our requirements for precision, quality and dependability.


Working to Deadlines


Since we use our own crews that specialize in meter installation, we understand how long it takes to get a job done. Our project managers will keep you informed of progress along the way. If there are any concerns about completing the job on the timeline, we will address these with you as soon as they are known and look for creative solutions to avoid any delays.


Further Services


Once we are finished with the water submeter installation, we are ready to work with you for customer billing, meter monitoring, and even water treatment services including testing.


Just let us know what you need, and we will be happy to discuss how we can provide the assistance required.

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