A Clearer Picture Of Smart Metering Data Transmission

While smart metering has been in place in the United States for major utilities since the early part of the 1970s, there are still a lot of misperceptions and misunderstandings about the technology.
It is true that the initial rollout of the use of smart meters did have problems, but the problems were compounded by conspiracy theories and inaccurate claims made by different individuals who simply did not have an understanding of the technology. Over the last two decades security and other features have been added to make this a very practical and efficient way to monitor, manage and analyze water, electricity and gas consumption on a per meter basis.

Our System

At ABT Water Management, we have been using smart metering technology to create user-friendly options for our customers for billing, monitoring, and analysis of water consumption. Each smart meter, which may also be a submeter on the system, sends secured data to our system using wireless technology.

Unlike some data management systems, we can configure our data collection to match your needs. This includes the option for daily readings or real-time readings. Real-time readings are very efficient to monitor and analyze usage patterns to improve efficiency or to reward customers for off-peak usage.

Our easy to read reports provide information on all aspects of the unit or area serviced through smart metering. We provide reports on unusually high volume use when a meter has not advanced if there has been no transmission from the meter or when there are periods of inactivity on a meter.

These issues may occur if the tenants are away, if the unit is vacant or, in the case of extreme usage, if there is a leak or other problem within the system. With this information, the property manager or owner can contact the tenant or have the meter checked to immediately address problems before they become even more costly to repair.

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