Benefiting From Water Meter Monitoring System

As a water utility company, or as a property owner with multiple tenants, finding ways to work more effectively and efficiently rather than working longer hours and taking on more tasks is always the best route.
One of the ways to do this is to use water meter monitoring systems to your full benefit. This means taking advantage of automation, allowing the reports to do some of the work for you and even in creating new ways to conserve water and make your system a “greener” alternative.
Billing and Payment Processing
Billing and payment processing is a drain on any back office in any size of a company. With utility companies, it can be extremely challenging if payments are staggered across the month or all set for the last day of the month.
By allowing ABT Water Management to complete your billing and payment process as part of our water meter monitoring systems, we can take all of that work out of your office and move it to our online system. Not only is this easier, but it can also be less costly for our customers.
Monitoring Properties
Many of our clients use our water meter monitoring systems as a way to keep an eye on vacant properties or properties that have atypical or unusually high water usage. With real-time reporting of data, vacant properties can easily be monitored for any water use that indicates someone is using the unit.
For those properties with high water usage, a quick phone call to have the lines checked can often catch leaks or even broken pipes before they create water damage and additional repair costs.
With the information from monitoring of smart meters, many of our customers develop better policies across their properties. This is not only good for the environment, but it also helps reduce water costs for everyone, which is a win-win.

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