Beyond Smart Metering Basics

One of the benefits ABT Water Management brings to our clients is our extensive knowledge of smart metering and the potential it offers. While we recognize that smart meters are not the right choice for every application, for the vast majority of the meters installed today, these offer benefits to both our customers as well as their customers.
Most people are familiar with the idea of smart metering. This is the use of a special water meter that has a special electronic component that allows it to transmit data about the use of water through the system on a regular basis. Depending on the details you require, we can set up the system for real-time delivery of usage data, or it can be set up to send in data on a daily basis.
Greater Accuracy
While the most obvious advantage to smart meters is the elimination of the need for manual types of meter reading, there is actually much more to it than that. The metered readings that are transmitted are very accurate and precise, reflecting real-time use.
With the old system of meter reader or alternate month estimates, there were a lot of errors. This often resulted in frustrated customers and water suppliers, all because of a lack of clear and precise reporting and recording.
Now, if a customer is concerned about water usage, the information is right at his or her fingertips. This can be done online without the need to call into the utility, freeing up customer service reps for new customers and other types of issues.
Public Awareness
As more consumers become increasingly focused on how they interact with the world around them, smart metering also creates a marketing and branding tool. By offering incentives to lower water consumption and allowing tenants to make more informed decisions, your brand as an environmentally conscious business in your community will continue to grow.

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