Changes in Legislation Are Boosting Submetering Opportunities

As a major provider of individual water meters among submetering companies, we are consistently able to analyze a vast array of data, including our billing services, water treatment and our provision of water installation services.

With knowledge that substantial cities such as New York have passed legislation to ensure that large buildings over 50,000 ft.² in size must now contain sub- meters for every individual unit, they join over half the states that have passed statutes, regulations and rules concerning the installation of sub-meters from submetering companies.

Reducing the Water Demand on the Environment

The data of major submetering companies confirms that after the installation of submetering, water consumption is typically reduced within the building and wastage of water is vastly decreased. This is because individuals can go online and in real time assess their own water consumption to confirm their water use.

Any spikes in water use are immediately identified, indicating, for example, if a leak is causing a loss of water. Without an early indicator system, water damage often takes weeks or months before it is seen and the damage becomes vast. When dealt with at the early stages, however, there are far less maintenance costs related to repairs.

For long-term occupiers of multiuse buildings, both residential and commercial, sub-meters provide necessary data. This can be analyzed and show patterns of use throughout the year. This helps water utility companies and property management to plan and budget for water use like during summer months versus winter months.

While decreasing water waste to improve our environment, having complete management over your water bill means that individuals will actively install water saving methods within their unit in the building.

The installation of sub-meters is always easier when a building is being developed or updated, as necessary systems can be planned within the architect’s design and specifications.

We offer our services to our customers to ensure that billing is accurate, the wastage of water is negligible, and, as customers are prepared to pay at an earlier stage for accurate billing that the cash flow to water utility companies is improved. Schedule a time to meet with us today.

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