Customized Water Management Services to Meet Your Needs

Not every property is the same, and not every property manager or owner is interested in the same things. At ABT Water Management we understand each of our customers has unique needs when it comes to their water management services.
It is for this reason that we have a customized approach to water management. We offer a full range of services in everything from installation to providing meter parts as well as water testing services. Once the meters are installed, we are able to step in to provide full data management, billing, and online payment processing, streamlining the entire process without adding to the workload for your staff.
The Advantage of Submeters
By installing submeters on your property, whether it be a manufactured home community, an apartment, or residential development, each tenant can pay directly for the water they use. This is a great marketing feature as residents can control their water bill and not be forced to pay a flat rate that is unrelated to the amount of water they actually consumed.
Our team can provide professional installation of water meters for any type of property. We use our own professionals, so we can guarantee the highest level of service. Whether it be a large project requiring hundreds of meters or a smaller project of just a few.
Once the submeters are installed, you will be able to monitor and analyze water use through our water management services. This will give you a more accurate understanding of peak usage times on your property as well as what initiatives you use that are effective in reducing excessive water use.
Reporting Options
As the system administrator, you will have a secure password that allows you to login to the system. Our reports can be set up to read in real-time or on a daily basis, allowing you to customize the format.
The details of how and when water is used is one of the most beneficial parts of our water management services for the property manager and owner. With just a quick review of the records, you can detect unusual usage and make sure meters are off in vacant units, which eliminates the risk of undetected leaks or plumbing problems.

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