Is Water Submeter Worth the Investment?

Water submetering is a way to measure water, gas, and electrical use. This is typically used in multi-family buildings such as apartments and townhomes. Choosing water submeter has been acclaimed as the best choice for utility metering because its potential for expanding the sustainability and efficiency of building operations by lessening waste and cost. This can also help positively change utility usage behavior.


If water submetering is the best option, why isn’t everybody doing it? Water submeter involves technology. This new resource-saving technique gains data through the metering. In short-term, the initial investment of adopting a new technology seems like a lot of money. Some building owners and managers will be hesitant as they aren’t getting the immediate return they are seeking for. However, in the long-term, money savings will accrue in numerous ways as well as displace the installation costs.


How Water Submetering Saves Money


Submetering measures the utility usage of each household within a facility. When the individual families get billed, they eventually learn to change their usage behavior. According to the General Services Administration (GSA), upon installation, there is around 0-2 percent drop in energy costs. Raising awareness among occupants and having ongoing identification of options and maintenance improvements can essentially result in savings of 15-45 percent.


Early adopters of water submeter have seen highly cost-effective impact and major savings in costs. Despite the investment, the submetering eventually pays for itself and adds value to your business and building. Contact us today and speak to one our experts about installing a water submeter and how it will positively impact your savings.

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