Let Us Find Your Utility Metering Solutions

While smart meters and smart metering technology are a very important consideration, it is not always the easiest system to deploy, particularly in older apartments, commercial buildings or even in industrial settings.

In these types of applications, our team can tap into their experience and expertise to find the right utility metering solutions for your specific needs. This combination of knowledge as well the experience of installing over 25,000 water meters since 1992 gives us an edge over most of the other companies out there.

What Do You Need
Before we start suggesting utility metering solutions, we need to understand what your goals are for the system and what you need. Once we know the desired system, we evaluate your current systems and see what needs to change to accomplish those goals.

This is very different than coming in and simply imposing a system on our customers. We work with each customer as a unique project, providing a customized range of utility metering solutions that are designed to address your needs while also staying within your budget.

What is Included
Regardless of the options you select and the final choices of water meters and other components, we strive to find ways to help our customers with water conservation across their system. Often having smart meters that allow your tenants to see water consumption is a great way to start talking about the changes and providing incentives to reduce consumption.

We also ensure full regulatory compliance with all of the installations we do. This means that when our team comes in to install the meters, they will be done according to code and with full quality control throughout the process. We also offer a full one-year guarantee on the workmanship of our meter installs, which is another benefit to choosing ABT Water Management.

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