Take Advantage Of Our Remote Water Meter Reading System

At ABT Water Management we work with landlords, property owners, commercial property managers and even non-municipal utility companies. We recognize that being a manager means being actively involved in monitoring and assessing what is going on at the property and devising plans and options to address potential problems.


When submeters are put in that can transmit information on the actual water readings in real time, this gives those managers a very useful tool. To understand how our remote water meter reading system can be used to your advantage, consider the following common issues every property will face.


Checking For Misuse of Utilities


While no manager wants to think tenants would be involved in stealing utilities from other tenants, it can and does happen on a regular basis. For example, outdoor faucets on used commercial buildings can be used to wash vehicles or equipment or even to run equipment.


In residential settings, detecting if a vacant unit is actually occupied, by checking on water use through our remote water meter reading system gives you real-time data on patterns of access to the property.


Leaks and Plumbing Issues


Sudden spikes in water usage in currently occupied units or even an atypical use pattern is another way that the remote water meter reading system can help. By noting the sudden change in usage and calling the tenants, it may be possible to find a significant, or even a more minor leak, that may have otherwise gone undetected. When this happens, there is often a very dramatic change in the bill, often making it difficult for the tenant to cover the cost.


Early detection of these types of issues creates a better relationship between commercial or residential landlords and their tenants, which will also provide another form of property monitoring.

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