Utilizing Our Water Utility Billing System

For a smaller, non-municipal water utility or a property owner with submetered units, finding the time, the software and the staff to complete monthly billing can be one extra headache that no one needs.
By using our ABT Water Management utility billing system, we can take over the billing and the payment processing for your tenants in both residential and commercial units. We can provide this service for one location or across all of the properties, that is really up to you.
How It Works
Initially, we will work with you and discuss setting up your submetering through ABT Water Management. We can even coordinate all of your smart meter installations on your schedule and with our employees. This ensures full quality control and the best installers.
Then, when it is time for the monthly billing, your customers will simply log onto our utility billing system from the website. Your tenants will simply use our secure login to access the account using a unique username and password. All of our online login and payment pages are fully SSL encrypted and offer full protection of customer information, including credit and debit card payment details.
Once on their billing page, they will find their current and past bills, allowing the customers to find the information they need about water usage, past billing cycles and other relevant details of their account.
For Management
As the property owner or manager, you will also have a unique login and password combination that will be accessed through our site. This will take you to your account page where you will be able to view records of tenant payments, missed payments or other necessary details for each client’s account.
You will also have the ability to view real-time or daily totals of water usage through our utility billing system. This can be very helpful in analyzing usage patterns and looking for areas to improve on water use efficiency.

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