Reliable and Cost-Efficient Water Submetering Services

ABT Water Management is a top licensed installer of some of the most reliable water meters in the industry. We offer high quality water submetering systems that are manufactured by companies that include Sensus and Badger. We serve a variety of multi-tenant residential developments, including housing developments and apartments, providing solutions for small to large housing communities using quality systems from our partner water submetering companies.



In a multi-tenant building, like an apartment complex, water submetering is an effective way to tailor the water bill to each tenant’s individual usage. By using the method of apartment water submetering, you can benefit financially from any cost saving measures your tenants use to cut down their bill.

In the long run, the water submeter cost can be paid for by the financial gains it encourages when the bill and ease of water management is monitored more closely. Using the type of water submetering systems we offer is a great way to help your tenants gauge their water consumption while also providing them with an accurate bill, so they only pay for what they use.



Submetering water provides both you and your tenants with a more informed idea of the water consumption and can even help tenants notice a rise in their water use. Identifying a sudden increase caused by a leak in the system can also save you capital from damage reduction by allowing early detection of such issue.



Our experienced staff is trained internally and works together to complete water submeter installation with quality in mind. In addition to submetering, we also offer our customers a variety of resources to meet their water service needs such as treatment solutions, smart metering and automated meter reading.

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