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​Complete Water Management Services

Water may be the most taken for granted resource on the planet and also the most precious. At ABT Water Management, we are one of the water metering companies that is serious about the responsibility of managing, metering and treating water for thousands of clients nationwide.

ABT Water Management has been installing water meters for manufactured housing and in the water industry since 1992. We started primarily as a water treatment company and eventually developed into a complete water management services company. Our services include but are not limited to:

​Sub Metering Water: The Equitable Solution

Working out individual consumption when it comes to water is vital if bills are going to be fairly and correctly distributed. As one of the leading apartment water submetering companies in the country, we are committed to enabling our clients to enjoy a wide range of premium water management services. Not only can we offer water submeter options suitable for a variety of different properties, we also provide smart metering and a selection of utility management services. Our water meter monitoring system can be operated remotely, with bills being generated and paid online. This provides a high level of accuracy and results in a high-quality, convenient and accessible system which benefits both landlord and tenant. When you need a highly experienced organization to undertake your data management, water treatment, utility billing or water submetering, we can help.

​Water Meter Installations

Water submetering was first introduced around 30 years ago and water submetering systems remain the fairest way to monitor the water consumption of multi-user developments. We are the only national installer of most major water meters, including Neptune, Badger, Metron-Farnier and Sensus, and are a leader among water submetering companies. As one of the best water meter installation companies in the country, we have installed over 25,000 meters to date and undertake hundreds more water meter installations every month. We are the clear choice when it comes to National Meter Installers.

​Water Testing Company That Provides Treatment Solutions

Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in the testing and treatment of excessive minerals, aggressive water, and more. This not only improves the quality of your drinking water, it also benefits your water system’s infrastructure. As one of the best water quality testing companies out there, we are committed to offering every customer an exceptional level of service at every stage of their dealings with us.


Water Utility Management

Our water meters are radio tagged, meaning they automatically send daily readings on your property’s water consumption. This makes it possible to see exactly how much water each of your individual tenants use every day. More importantly is the ability to monitor maintenance issues on a 24 hour cycle including things like leaks, high users of water, and other maintenance issues.


Utility Billing Services

ABT Water Management has been providing utility billing services to our clients for over 15 years. As one of the leading utility billing companies in the area, we take care of the entire process, from sending out bills to taking payments for water and sewer services. All of our billing services are online, providing choice and ease to make online billing payments


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If you’d like to know more about a water meter installation cost, or any of our wide range of water management services, Contact us today (800) 697–9096.

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Learn more about our Data Management Services.

ABT offers data management services for several different industries including water, sewer, gas, and electric.

Data Management

Learn more about our Utility Billing Services.

Since 1997 ABT has been providing solutions for Utility Billing. Today we offer a completely online billing system.

Utility Billing

Learn more about our Water Treatment Services.

ABT is Fully trained in the treatment of water systems and testing of water quality to detect things like excessive minerals and aggressive water.

Water Treatment

Learn more about our Submetering Services.

We are a National Installer of Neptune, Badger, Sensus, and Most Major Water Meters today.


Some of the Benefits of Using ABT Water Management For Your Submetering & Utility Needs

Lower Your Costs


Average reduction in water & sewage consumption is 30% resulting in lower bills for city services to the community.

Increase Revenue


Individual billing based on new water meters offsets the cost of variable expense of city services, loan or lease, and administration.

Consumer Responsibility


When the tenant is held responsible for their own water usage they are more likely to repair or replace leaking fixtures in and under their home.

Expert Installation


ABT combines industry knowledge with hands on experience to provide the best meter installation possible. All work is guaranteed for 1 full year.

Professional Data Management


Radio tagged meter technology provides daily reading data. Our software examines daily data and reports information in an easy to use web report at the start of each business day.

Internet Based Billing System


Easy to use for owners, managers, and residents. Online services give access to reports, payments, and data entry 24/7/365

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