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ABT Water has been installing water meters for manufactured housing and in the water industry since 1992. We started primarily as a water treatment company and eventually developed into a complete water management company that encompasses not only water treatment, but submetering, utility data management, and utility billing. Since 1992 we have handled many projects, including over 20,000 Meter Installations nation wide. We are the only choice when it comes to National Meter Installers. We have the experience backed by a view of the bigger picture in the water industry to provide the utmost quality and service for you and whatever your project may require.

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Learn more about our Data Management Services.

ABT offers data management services for several different industries including water, sewer, gas, and electric.

Data Management
Learn more about our Utility Billing Services.

Since 1997 ABT has been providing solutions for Utility Billing. Today we offer a completely online billing system.

Utility Billing
Learn more about our Water Treatment Services.

ABT is Fully trained in the treatment of water systems and testing of water quality to detect things like excessive minerals and aggressive water.

Water Treatment
Learn more about our Submetering Services.

We are a National Installer of Neptune, Badger, Sensus, and Most Major Water Meters today.


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Some of the Benefits of Using ABT Water Management For Your Submetering & Utility Needs

Lower Your Costs


Average reduction in water & sewage consumption is 30% resulting in lower bills for city services to the community.

Increase Revenue


Individual billing based on new water meters offsets the cost of variable expense of city services, loan or lease, and administration.

Consumer Responsibility


When the tenant is held responsible for their own water usage they are more likely to repair or replace leaking fixtures in and under their home.

Expert Installation


ABT combines industry knowledge with hands on experience to provide the best meter installation possible. All work is guaranteed for 1 full year.

Professional Data Management


Radio tagged meter technology provides daily reading data. Our software examines daily data and reports information in an easy to use web report at the start of each business day.

Internet Based Billing System


Easy to use for owners, managers, and residents. Online services give access to reports, payments, and data entry 24/7/365

Looking to streamline your water billing process?