The ABT Difference Between Water Quality Testing Companies

ABT Water Management is our water quality testing. As we only provide water system management and water related technologies, this additional service is a great option for our new or existing customers to use when we design, install and implement our systems for your project.   Our Difference ... Read more

Benefiting From Water Meter Monitoring System

As a water utility company, or as a property owner with multiple tenants, finding ways to work more effectively and efficiently rather than working longer hours and taking on more tasks is always the best route.   One of the ways to do this is to use water meter monitoring systems<... Read more

3 Things To Check Before Starting Electric Submeter Installation

When hiring a company to complete your electric submeter installation, don't just choose a company that is first on a page of search engine results. While this company may end up being the one selected, it may also be a company that is not able to offer the services, workmanship and professionals you need on the j... Read more

Let Us Find Your Utility Metering Solutions

tering technology are a very important consideration, it is not always the easiest system to deploy, particularly in older apartments, commercial buildings or even in industrial settings. In these types of applications, our team can tap into their experience and expertise to find the right utility metering solution... Read more

Utilizing Our Water Utility Billing System

For a smaller, non-municipal water utility or a property owner with submetered units, finding the time, the software and the staff to complete monthly billing can be one extra headache that no one needs.   By using our ABT Water Management utility billing system... Read more

Beyond Smart Metering Basics

One of the benefits ABT Water Management brings to our clients is our extensive knowledge of smart metering and the potential it offers. While we recognize that smart meters are not the right choice for every application, for the vast majority of the meters installed today, these offer benefits to both our customers ... Read more

Take Advantage Of Our Remote Water Meter Reading System

At ABT Water Management we work with landlords, property owners, commercial property managers and even non-municipal utility companies. We recognize that being a manager means being actively involved in monitoring and assessing what is going on at the property and devising plans and options to address potential pro... Read more

A Clearer Picture Of Smart Metering Data Transmission

n in place in the United States for major utilities since the early part of the 1970s, there are still a lot of misperceptions and misunderstandings about the technology. It is true that the initial rollout of the use of smart meters did have problems, but the problems were compounded by conspiracy theories and inaccu... Read more

Save Resources, Time and Money By Choosing Smart Metering

the owner of an apartment complex, your energy bills are probably subjects that weigh heavily on both your mind and your pocketbook. Much of the time, it is water that makes up a large percentage of the energy bills. With the growing necessity of reducing waste water and conserving this vital natural resource in the mi... Read more

Learn How Water Submetering Radically Helps Your Apartment Complex

As the owner of an apartment complex, you have to spend a lot of money on various costs. Do you want to find a way to reduce some of your costs and save more money? One great way to do this is by lowering your water usage and encouraging your tenants to do the same. This is easier than you might think. You just have to... Read more